Rancho Jurupa Riverside, California

First RV Experience

The day I retired, I left Hawaii and flew to LA.  The next day, I picked up my truck and drove to the docks to pick up my cargo.  Then I drove to my storage lot and picked up my 5th wheel.  I hired a tow driver to deliver my RV to a campground in Riverside.  The day I retired, I left Hawaii for LA.  The next day I picked up my truck and drove to the docks to pick up my cargo that I had shipped from Hawaii.  Then I drove to my storage lot and had my RV towed to Rancho Jurupa RV park.  A week later my Uncle Steve flew over to travel with me.  We secured the RV at our site and I realized that they never removed the factory installed battery.  Oops, scored a $95 battery not I have two 12 volt batteries on my Jayco.  That evening, we spent an hour looking through th emanuals trying to figure ouyt how to turn on the self igniting furncae. You know me t-shirt and shorts I was getting cold. me I only had shorts and a t-shirt on. The manual said it was a self igniting unit, what dat mean?? Well I just turned on the switch and it fired up I had heat and was so happy. I spent the next couple of days getting things put away and organized some kinda way anyway. me.  


Disneyland, Hollywood and Long Beach


On January 30, 2010, Uncle Steve and I drove from Las Vegas to Anaheim Resort on the south side of Disneyland. 

Well we finally arrived at Anaheim RV Resort and here we go again I had to reverse into this site also. This was a really nice park; it had a Jacuzzi and a heated swimming pool, and private shower restroom facilities. Our neighbors were there for several months during the winter. They had a top class Jayco Designer 5 th wheel, he was the colonel and his wife was Ping from China. We had a good time getting to know them; Ping spoke little English and kept to herself. The colonel had all kinds of stories to tell us. Some of them were hard to believe, but me and Uncle Steve had coffee with him almost every morning and laughed at his stories later.

We took a day trip to Hollywood and walked all over the place looking for stars. We had a great time shopping and having a beer or two. We really enjoyed walking around and looking at all the stars on the sidewalk and even the footprints at the Chinese theater. But we did not see any real stars oh well maybe next time. 

We traveled back to Long Beach to visit The Queen Mary ship. I remember visiting this ship when I was in the Navy many years ago with my shipmates. We walked the entire length of the ship and all the floors that were allowed. We had the most delicious homemade milk shakes made with real ice cream and fresh fruits and candies. This ship was the largest Uncle Steve has ever been on and it was a spectacular sight for both of us. We went to the engine room and seen the giant diesel engine and control rooms as well as the sick bay.

We took a drive along Laguna and HuningtonBeach, really neat shoreline and restaurants.

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RV Park

On October 24th, I found a mobile home park in old Pittsburgh. I called the park and the manager said that he was accepting 5th wheels on a monthly basis. I caught the BART to the park and checked it out. The rent was only $500 month plus electricity compared to $1195 at San Francisco RV Park. It did not have the view and ammenities but made up for it in price. 

The area was made up of mostly Mexicans and popolos and everyone was freindly. I found a sports bar at a golf course and was able to watch Monday night football and couple UH games. My brother met me and we watched a UH game with a local guy who moved up here. We had a great time with Tony and wore our Warrior jerseys. I stayed at the park till the end of November then headed to Pomona to spend Christmas with family.

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Rudy & Brenda Visit

On 3-26-2011, We arrived at the Monterey County Fairgrounds RV Park just for one night stop over. We toured downtown Monterey and drove the Carmel 17 mile tourist drive. This is one nice place but kinda expensive to live here being so close to the ocean 

Also, on 9-20-2011, We arrived in Monterey and spent a few nights at Monterey Pines Military RV Park. We are here to visit with Rudy’s cousin and her family. A family friend works at the Military golf course and was able to get us in at the RV Park. We had a nice visit with his family and really enjoyed shopping and dining in Monterey. We also made a pit stop to the largest Artichoke in California which Brenda really enjoyed .

I remember coming here with my mom and grandma years ago. Mom loves artichoke and really got some fond memories of our trips to Monterey, 17 mile drive and ono seafood dishes........

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Unusual Discovery

On 03-02-2011, I arrived in Niland. I had several weeks to kill before Terry arrives in San Diego. I decided to check out this place I saw on Google Maps called the Salton Sea. It is a body of ocean that was once part of the Pacific Ocean millions of years ago. It is too salty to support any life except maybe Tilapia. This area is in Niland, CA and it’s a desert like area east of Los Angeles area. It is located near a natural hot springs area. The water comes out of the ground at about 180 degrees and is cooled down by the water system at the park. They have six natural hot spring mineral baths for guests to use. You go in the tub and pull the plug and then it fills up with water at around 104 degrees. When you are done with your soak, you drain the tub and refill it for the next fish.

Oh and one night I drove two hours to visit Julianne n Jacela n Vanessa.

There was not much to do in Niland, but have beers at the American Legion and tour Slab City Salvation area. Oh and I met about thirty Canadians seems 75% of the parks guests are from Canada. My neighbors had a fridge outside full of Canadian beer and bottled water. Real nice folks those Canadians Eh!! .

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